1. What are tags?
A tag is a label (think subject heading or keyword) given to an article or item so you can find it easier later on. The key to being able to retrieve information successfully is limited tags to a limited number of consistent words. Librarians are bound by strict limits on what words they can use when they catalog a book, but this ultimately helps making a efficient system. It may help to have a list of terms you use as a starting point. -Lin
2. Can I import my bookmarks from another site to Diigo? Yes! Here's how:
  • To import bookmarks from your browser folders, you need to install the Diigo Toolbar and use the import feature of the toolbar.
    Expand the Diigo menu.

    Choose Import Bookmarks. A window showing all of the bookmarks found for your browser(s) will open. You can select individual bookmarks to import or choose the Import All button.
  • To import bookmarks from another bookmarking site, go to the Tools menu and choose Import Bookmarks.
  • If your bookmarking site is not listed (such as Portaportal), try exporting your bookmarks from that site to your browser or saving them as an html file. Then use the Diigo toolbar to import from a browser folder.
3. How do I annotate my bookmarks?
If the site has a concise summary on its homepage that would make useful annotation, you should highlight the text before bookmarking it. Diigo will automatically add the highlighted text to the Description box.
The comment and highlighting tools in the Diigo toolbar can be used to annotate your bookmarks.

4. How can I link my Diigo bookmarks to my Delicious account?

Click on this link to find out how to link your Diigo account to your Delicious account... http://screencast.com/t/ZWJlZmNjMDQt