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What are the Research Skills Diigo can help with? -- Lin
I am WAY more interested in the processes and skills aspect of what our students learn than I am the content. For a long time, I've been interested in how we are going to transfer the time-tested gold standards of reading strategies like highlighting/underlining and annotating to an on-line format. Diigo will be a good tool to help transfer these strategies from print to online. Hopefully, the use of these skills will make the on-line reading we ask our students to do more interactive and less passive.

Here is an article to get you thinking about the importance of the "Reading for Meaning: Synthesizing" aspect of teaching research (Can you say: "Life-long Learning"? I knew you could!).;col1

Guidelines for effective implementation of these reading strategies:

Selective Underlining

Brainstorm : How Diigo can help with on-line reading / research in a classroom setting? --LinSet up classroom for safe sharing of sites
Stickies will allow classmates to share commentary
Have groups conduct collaborative research
Teacher feedback to student online discussion group using Diigo
Think color! Use different colors to highlight the 5-w's (ok, so 4 of the 5); you can use sticky for how or why since they tend to be longer
Have students tag sites to check for ability to categorize
Use "description box" in bookmarking pop up OR sticky note to assess student's ability to summarize information
Have students create a list of good sites on a topic to send to you and/or the rest of the class
Have students throw "bad" sites to a list to share with you and have them explain with a floating stcky why the site is not valid for their current research.
In a piece of literature, have students highlight certain words (happy) in one color and other words (sad) in another color.
In a poem with lots of figurative language, have students use highlight function to highlight the sensory words used -- different color for each different sense.
Have students respond to a reading with QJA (Question, Judgement, Association) via sticky note function.

Highlight tip -- pages opened in Internet Explorer only underline in the selected color; pages opened in Firefox highlight. --Lin