Sharing tips using Diigo

Vimeo clip that explains "sharing" in Diigo.

Diigo V4 Sharing ~ build a personal learning network from diigobuzz on Vimeo.

When you save a bookmark to your Diigo acount, it is added to your Library. When you log into Diigo you can view, organize, search, comment on, revise, etc. your bookmarks by going to My Library. When bookmarking sites you have the option of making the bookmark Public or Private. Private bookmarks are only viewable by you. Public bookmarks can be seen by anyone using the Diigo site.

When adding a bookmark using the Diigo toolbar you can Twitter site and/or share it with a group immediately.

Highlighting and Clipping
You can highlight information on a website just like you can on paper. The highlighted information can also be "clipped" Clipped information is displayed beneath your bookmarks in your library. Doing so makes sharing what you consider pertinent easy and efficient.

You can also highlight with the highlighter pen. To do so choose Highlight on the toolbar before selecting text. Then click and drag over the web page. Click the highlight btton again to turn the pen off."

To delete a highlight or change its color, first click the highlight button. Then mouse over the highlighted portion of the text. When the edit button appears, click it to make your changes.

Sticky Notes
How to add Sticky Notes:
Click and drag over the text on the web site. Choose Highlight on the toolbar. To add a sticky note, right-click (or control click on a Mac) and choose Add floating sticky note. Or you can mouse over the highlighted text until the edit button appears. Click the button to see the menu and choose Add Sticky Note.
You can make the sticky note public or private.
Here's what Diigo says about public sticky notes:
"Public highlights and sticky notes should be done with care. To minimize graffiti and spam, we have raised the bar for making public highlights and sticky notes: you need at least two friends in the Diigo community to do so. ( A "friend" in the Diigo community is a member who joined upon your invitation or who invited you to join.).

Friends and Groups
Following People or Being Followed allows Diigo users connect with people who share a specific interest.
The people you are following are called your "friends". Once you've created your profile and begun bookmarking, you might want to see what your friends are bookmarking. You can search for friends, invite friends to join and add them to your friend list. Click on someone on your friend list to send him/her message, see what he/she's been doing on Diigo, see who his/her Diigo friends are, see which Diigo groups he/she belongs to, to see which bookmarks/groups/friends/tags you have in common and to invite him/her to join a group you've created.
When you set up a group you decide:
Who can view?
  • Public - anyone can view
  • Private - only group members can view
  • List this group in the search results
  • Do not list this group
How to join?
  • Open - anyone can join
  • Apply to join -- moderator approval required
  • By invitation only
Who can invite new members?
  • Only group moderator
  • All group members

How to share bookmarks to a group:

Browsing Your Network

Sharing with non-Diigo users
You can share annotated (highlights and sticky notes) bookmarks with people who do not have Diigo accounts by creating an annotated link to the web page. When they go to the page through this link, they can view your highlights and sticky notes. To do so choose Send on the toolbar and then choose Get Annotated Link.
You can also send the annotated page via your blog, email or Facebook.